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Dr. Felipe Garofallo

CRMV/SP 39,972
CRMV/MS 6.714


Dr. Felipe's career began in 2011, where he began his degree in veterinary medicine at UNESP in Araçatuba, São Paulo. After graduating in 2016, he focused on the area of veterinary surgery, specializing at CETAC, in São Paulo (2017). In 2019, he left the country to undertake an externship in orthopedics and neurology at the University of Pennsylvania (USA). He also has a postgraduate degree in orthopedic and neurospinal surgeries from CETAC. Today it operates in São Paulo, capital.

Summarized curriculum:


- Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine from Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho, UNESP - Araçatuba, Brazil.

- Specialization in Small Animal Surgical Technique, CETACVET, Brazil.

- Postgraduate degree in Orthopedic and Neurospinal Surgeries, CETACVET, Brazil.

- Externship in Orthopedics and Veterinary Neurosurgery from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,  United States.

- TPLO Course (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy), Securos Surgical.

- Member of AO VET.

- Patellar Groove Replacement (PGR) Course, CDMV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

- Amputee Animal Prosthesis Course (Limb Salvage Surgery), IBMVET, Caxias do Sul.

- Article on Coxofemoral Dysplasia in Felines, Revista Cães&Gatos, Brazil.

- Article about 3D Printers, Cães&Gatos Magazine, Brazil.

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