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Pata ondulante de cão

Orthopedic veterinary consultation at home

Your pet deserves the best care, especially when facing mobility challenges. Dr. Felipe Garofallo, CRMV/SP 39,972, offers specialized care in veterinary orthopedics, ensuring the comfort and well-being of your companion.

Home Care: More Comfort for Your Pet

We understand that animals with limited mobility need personalized care. Therefore, we also offer home consultations, bringing Dr. Felipe Garofallo's expertise directly to the comfort of your home.

Advantages of Home Care:

1. Personalized Attention: Home care allows for more focused attention on your pet. Without distractions, we can thoroughly evaluate each case, providing individualized care.

2. Avoid Traffic: We know how stressful traffic can be for both you and your pet. By opting for home care, you save time and avoid the discomfort of traveling.

3. Family Environment:Animals tend to feel safer in their own environment. This contributes to a more accurate assessment and reduces your pet's stress during the appointment.

4. Flexibility of Schedules: We offer flexible times for home consultations. Schedule a visit with Dr. Felipe Garofallo according to your availability.

How to Schedule:

Schedule an appointment for your pet with mobility difficulties throughWhatsApp: (11) 91258-5102.

We are available for home care in São Paulo and the region, with scheduled times to best meet your pet's needs.


Offer your pet the specialized orthopedic care he deserves. Count on Dr. Felipe Garofallo's experience and dedication to provide a healthier and more comfortable life for your partner.

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