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  Dr. Felipe Garofallo is a doctor-   veterinarian specializing in dog orthopedics and neurosurgery and   cats, surgeon and owner of Ortho for Pets veterinary clinic. 


Veterinary orthopedics for dogs and cats


Is your pet having difficulty walking? Schedule one appointment at Ortho for Pets via WhatsApp +551191258-5102.


Your pet already has a diagnosis and needs surgery specialized? Schedule via whatsapp +551191258-5102.


Ortho for Pets is a center for orthopedics and veterinary specialties. The clinic is located at Alameda dos Guaramomis, 1067, Moema, São Paulo, SP. 


When to look for services?

Fractures and dislocations

Dogs and cats can have accidents, even at home. A fall from the couch or stairs can cause a broken bone or dislocated joint. A veterinarian specializing in orthopedics is the ideal professional to help you in these cases.

Joint diseases

Patella dislocation, rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament, hip and elbow dysplasia are very common diseases that affect the quality of life of pets. Several specialized treatment options can help your best friend. 

Disc herniations

Spine diseases are also very common, especially in elderly animals. With appropriate treatment, your pet will be able to return to movement or have a better quality of life. Contact Dr. Felipe for an evaluation.

"Dr Felipe, I can only thank you. He was attentive from the first appointment; and he remains so, resolving my doubts and providing assistance to my pawed son. Marvin, a husky; had already had an identical operation on one of his paws and it was completely different from pre- to post-operative, without a doubt potentially better. Thank you for taking care of my son."

- Thaís Santos

Aperto de mão Husky
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