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Services offered by Ortho for Pets

At Ortho for Pets, we understand that orthopedic health is essential to ensuring a full and active life for your pets. Our orthopedic services are designed to offer precise and effective solutions aimed at restoring your pets' mobility and well-being. Check out the services we offer below:

Orthopedic Consultation (Ortho for Pets): At Ortho for Pets, our orthopedic consultation is led by dedicated animal health experts. With accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans, we ensure optimal well-being and mobility for pets. Count on us for exceptional orthopedic care and a healthier life for your companions.

Orthopedic Consultation (Home): We offer in-home orthopedic consultations to provide convenience and comfort for pets. Our experts carry out detailed assessments in the family environment, ensuring personalized and effective service. Take care of your pet's orthopedic health without leaving home with the quality of Ortho for Pets.

Online Consulting: Our online orthopedic veterinary consultancy offers expert guidance wherever you are. With qualified professionals, we provide accurate assessments and recommendations for orthopedic care, ensuring your pet's continued well-being, without leaving home. Count on Ortho for Pets for affordable, quality veterinary care.

Surgeries (Ortho for Pets): At Ortho for Pets, our veterinary orthopedic surgery is conducted by highly qualified specialists, using advanced technologies to ensure precise and effective procedures. We focus on full recovery, restoring mobility and quality of life to pets. 

Consultations and Surgeries for Clinics: Ortho for Pets offers veterinary orthopedic consultations for partner veterinary clinics and hospitals as well as partner establishments, contact us and accredit your business. 

Contact us atWhatsApp (11)91258-5102.

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