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Orthopedic veterinary consultation at Ortho for Pets

The orthopedic health of our pets plays a fundamental role in their quality of life. When facing musculoskeletal problems, a specialized orthopedic consultation becomes crucial to diagnose, treat and provide relief to dogs. In this context, Ortho for Pets, a veterinary clinic dedicated to orthopedics, is a reference place for high-quality orthopedic care in São Paulo, SP.

Dr. Felipe Garofallo, specialist in veterinary orthopedics, leads the team at Ortho for Pets. With a passion for animals and extensive experience dealing with a variety of orthopedic conditions, Dr. Garofallo is committed to providing personalized care and effective solutions for dogs and cats. 

Located at Alameda dos Guaramomis, 1067, the clinic provides an environment equipped with cutting-edge technology to carry out detailed assessments and accurate diagnoses. The exclusive focus on orthopedics highlights the clinic's expertise in solving problems related to bones, joints, muscles and ligaments in dogs.

Scheduling an orthopedic consultation at Ortho for Pets is a fundamental step in ensuring your dog's well-being. Dr. Felipe Garofallo and his dedicated team are equipped to manage a variety of conditions, from fractures and hip dysplasia to ligament injuries, providing effective treatments and personalized therapeutic options.

For the convenience of tutors and ease of scheduling, the clinic offers the option of contact via Whatsapp: (11) 91258-5102. 


In addition to clinical care, Ortho for Pets is committed to providing ongoing guidance and support to owners.


Education about post-operative care, recommendations for rehabilitation and strategies to prevent future orthopedic problems are an integral part of the clinic's comprehensive approach.

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