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Online orthopedic veterinary consultancy

In the ongoing quest to provide the best care for your pets, the veterinary orthopedics service is now available online. This advancement offers a convenient and effective solution for pets with limited mobility, bringing the benefits of specialized care directly to the comfort of your home.

Benefits of online consultancy in Veterinary Orthopedics:

1. Access to Specialty Anywhere: Wherever you are, you can now access the experience of our veterinary orthopedics team to help guide your pet's treatment. 

2. Convenience and Comfort for Your Animal: Online consultations provide comfort for the animal in a family environment, minimizing the stress associated with in-person visits.

3. Agility in Service: Avoid unnecessary waiting. With online consultancy, appointments can be scheduled quickly and flexibly, according to your availability.

4. Continuous Monitoring:Ideal for patients who already have diagnoses and exams. The online service is perfect for regular monitoring and discussing cases with our team.

5. Personalized Attention: Even from a distance, we guarantee dedicated attention to your pet through complete consultancy for guidance, clarification of doubts and adjustment of treatments.

How to Scheduleyour online consultancy:

To schedule your online consultation, contact us atWhatsApp: (11)91258-5102.

Make sure that your pet has already had previous exams and diagnoses, as well as follow-up with another veterinarian.

Important: Online consultancy differs from online consultation. In the consultancy, it is not possible to prescribe prescriptions or request exams, since the general and orthopedic physical examination is essential for diagnosing various orthopedic conditions. The consultancy service is ideal for guardians who wish to discuss opinions on test results and receive guidance on certain diseases. Contact us to assess the feasibility of the service for your case.


Online consultancy can also be requested by veterinarians who wish to talk to our team about a case of a patient with orthopedic changes. 

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